About Us

Who We Are

CERPMIST Environmental Academy is a reputable and innovative environmental academy providing technical environmental and sustainable development education to individuals, organizations and communities. CERPMIST works in partnership with top and specialized academic institutions, agencies and corporate organizations across the globe to achieve commitment to innovative teaching, research and development on environmental issues. With strong international networks and collaborations in United States, Canada, Ghana and South Africa, the academy is currently registered in Nigeria with RC: 1330080 under companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990.

At CERPMIST, we believe in the highest quality education, both in the classroom and online. CERPMIST was created for professionals and institutions that seek to transform themselves through cutting-edge technologies, research and innovative teaching.

CERPMIST provides professional practical training and certification for Pest Control Managers, Environmental Data Analysts, Environmental Managers and Planners, Impact Assessors, Remediators, Refuse Collectors, Landfill Operators, Industrial Cleaners, Pesticide Sellers and Distributors, Street Coders, Waste Mapper and Urban Landscapers. We offer solution-oriented courses and specializations.As a registered Environmental Academy providing world-class solutions, our trainers are well-grounded intellectuals and technical experts drawn from various fields of endeavour relevant to the courses in question.

Our teams envision and execute on vision and believe that ideas are easy, and execution is hard. It takes a variety of expertise to create something great. That is why we bring together talent from analytics, entomology, environmental management, environmental health, engineering, HSE, business, design, education, and product management to work on realizing our mission to deliver a great pest management and industrial sanitation education through an engaging practical-oriented learning experience.