8th -11th May, 2019

Online: Not Open Take this course

Venue: Benin | Akure | Nairobi

Fee: $45 (N15,000)

Certificate: YES


This is a unique course that shows you how to carry out practical pest control in domestic, industrial and agricultural settings. It exposes leaners to know different kinds of pests, their behaviours and environmental characteristics that influence their existence and multiplication in the environment. You will have opportunity to visit a field location for inspection and understand pest dynamics and population perception of the risk of pest .You shall be taught how to identify and operate various pest equipment- knapsacks, handheld sprayers, mist blowers etc, and other machineries and situation to use them.

Trainees shall also see, touch and feel various pesticides; know how to formulate and measure them to accomplish pest control operation. You will learn basic principles of maintaining pest equipment and machineries. You will also learn various spraying techniques like residual spraying, ULV spraying and Aerial spraying techniques, and understand Health Safety and Environment (HSE) aspect of conducting onsite pest operations.


Ability To read and write