27th-29th June, 2019

Online: Not Open Take this course

Venue: Port Harcourt | Lagos | Abuja | Nairobi | Accra

Fee: $195 (N70,000)

Certificate: YES


This course consists of two (2) sessions: an in-depth classroom teaching session and a practical face-to-face demonstration in a farm land. The learning process is aimed at enabling you own a farm. At the end of the training students should understand demonstrate in theory and practice Nursery techniques, types of planting, know how to prepare direct planting bed and grow exotic and indigenous vegetables such as carrot, onion, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, radish, watermelon, pepper, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, etc. Our credible experts will show you how to do organic composting, Mulching techniques, and how to calculate expected income. We will also cover weed and Pests control management and plants diseases prevention. Importantly, you should be able to start your own farm, take charge of your soil nutrition as well as know how to deal with your pre and post - production issues like planning, record keeping, storage, preservation and Marketing.


Participants should have a minimum of Senior School Certificate.