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Venue: Port Harcourt | Lagos | Abuja | Nairobi | Accra

Fee: $50 (N10,000)

Certificate: YES


In this course participants will explore advanced theoretical and practical concepts in landscape designs for commercial and residential settings. Participants gain hands-on experience in planning cost-effective and aesthetically appealing landscape designs for a wide range of clients. Landscape designers, also known as landscape architects, manipulate natural, living elements in commercial and public areas including gardens and parks. Participants will also learn historical landscaping styles and design practices that apply to home gardens and public urban spaces. They will explore rudimentary landscape drafting and construction in addition to becoming familiar with a variety of tools and machines used in the trade. Participants will explore the feeding and watering needs of a variety of plants as well as the importance of weed and pest control.


Participants must know how to read and write.