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Venue: Port Harcourt | Lagos | Abuja | Nairobi | Accra

Fee: $250 (N70,000)

Certificate: YES


This course is designed to assist oil spill management personnel in the development of the decision-making skills necessary to make quick and informed decisions during oil spill incidents; and provide hands-on spill response equipment handling and oil recovery training using full-scale equipment with real oil . The training revolves around hands-on field activities on the CERPMIST test tank using real oil spilled in differing sea conditions. Students will deploy and operate different types of booms and skimmers to contain and recover the oil. This program incorporates safety topics (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120) relative to emergency responders and Incident Command Systems training, Series I-100 and I-200, which are integrated into a Table-Top spill response exercise. Through our students feedback, we continue to maintain our course standards providing them with a world-leading training experience.


A minimum of an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) or its equivalent in environmental or engineering related discipline is required.